How To Contact Vice News?

Similarly, How do I write to VICE News?

[email protected]@[email protected]

Also, it is asked, How do you get a story on Vice?

Instead, write an email with a brief pitch. Email: [email protected] for culture, music, entertainment, and gastronomy. Science, technology, and gaming: [email protected] Pitches for lifestyle: [email protected]: politics, inequality, health, environment, and identity. Max Daly can be reached at [email protected]

Secondly, How do I contact vice for a documentary?

When communicating sensitive information, avoid using your work phone or email and always connect to a public wifi network. If you don’t need to remain completely anonymous, email [email protected] or get in touch with specific VICE News reporters.

Also, Who runs Vice Media?

Scott Smith

People also ask, How do you pitch to Refinery29?

proposals may be sent to [email protected] Should they be about fashion or any other subject, Mila S.

Related Questions and Answers

How do you send a pitch to an editor?

How to Make an Article Pitch Get to the point quickly. Tell your prospective editor up front what they may expect. Set up a hook. Make touch with you simple. a connection to writing examples Include a suggested deadline with your article proposal. If you don’t hear back after a few weeks, wait a while before following up.

How do you write a pitch?

Below are his advice: Pre-report a little. Make sure your pitch has been well considered. Complete the blanks. Pre-reporting will assist you in addressing the following issues in your pitch, which Stossel deems essential for a winning pitch: Display your writing prowess. Dramatize a little. Recognize the news’s worth. Create it in time.

How do you pitch a motherboard?

Motherboard aims to highlight the voices of individuals working for a brighter future and highlight the threats posed by those in positions of authority. Introducing Motherboard: Send us an email with a possible title, a few phrases outlining the subject and the sources you aim to interview, a suggested word count, and a deadline.

What happened Vice Media?

On June 10, 2019, HBO announced the termination of their seven-year agreement with Vice Media as well as the discontinuation of the news show. It was revealed in August 2019 that the business was letting go of employees as part of a transition to news that would see VICELAND and VICE News merged.

Where is VICE headquarters located?

Vice Media’s head office is in New York.

What is it like working for VICE?

Vice is making a lot of effort to boost its standing in the community and among its workforce. The management has prioritized pay equity, benefits, diversity, and inclusion as priority goals. New leadership has been installed in the majority of business units, and they are all working together to develop the firm via employee-friendly policies.

What kind of news is VICE?

The current affairs program for Vice Media, Vice News (stylized as VICE News), publishes daily documentary essays and videos on its website and YouTube channel. It advertises that it covers “under-reported stories.”

Who is vice News Funded by?

In 2017, TPG Capital contributed $450 million of the $1.4 billion in funding it received from investors to Vice. In 2019, a group of investors financed Vice $250 million, with Soros Capital Management, which is controlled by George Soros, participating.

Who funded Vice Media?

Thirteen investors are supporting Vice Media. The most recent investors are TPG and Lupa Systems.

How do I get published by Refinery29?

A worldwide media firm with a young women’s audience is called Refinery29. WHAT TO ADD TO YOUR SUBMISSION Briefly describe who you are in your introduction. Add a paragraph about your writing background, accomplishments, and publications. Include links to your internet presence and best works or portfolios.

How much does narratively pay writers?

For 2000–2500 word essays, Narratively pays $200–300. Additional fees may be negotiated based on the work. It has been around for almost five years now.

How much does your tango pay writers?

Who Pays Writers estimates that YourTango pays $0.04 per word on average.

What is Bill Maher salary?

Actual Salary For his work on “Real Time,” Bill Maher earns a $10 million annual compensation.

How much does Bill Maher make each year?

Bill Maher’s earnings Bill Maher receives a $26 million salary each year for his very popular HBO television program.

How do you email a newspaper editor?

Strategies for Letters to the Editor Check the print policies of the publication. Keep it succinct and direct. Send the mail on time. Be specific in your letter. Use the “levels of thinking” organizational technique to structure your letter. Be cautious of the letter’s tone. Write about positive news as well as negative.

How do I contact an editor?

7 Excellent Ways to Reach Editors Do you need a competent editor for your writing? Know Your Role as an Editor. Is it not possible for me to send an email to the publication’s specified general email address? Query other authors. Become social. To find email addresses, use advanced searches. Try the press kit for the media. Take out your phone.

How do you pitch an article to a journalist?

10 Strategies for Getting Journalists to Read and Cover Your News Understand Who and What You Are Pitching. As a first point of contact, use email. Create a sizzling subject line. Recognize The Publication’s Readership. Discover The Story in the News. Always Be of Service. Absent attachments, please. Remember to time your pitch correctly.

How do you pitch a story idea to a newspaper?

On how to sell a narrative Understand the tale you want to convey. publications for research. Observe the submission requirements. Make sure the subject line of your email pitch is clear. Give your narrative a captivating starting line. Justify the publication of your narrative. Include any credentials you may have. Gratitude is due for their time.

How do you pitch a story to local news?

Prepare a press release. The angle is the most important component of every news release. Locate Local Media Sources. Choose the Appropriate Local Media Contacts. The Art of the Email Query (aka Pitch) Email a news story pitch and follow up. Respond to reporters. Develop Connections With Local Press Contacts.

How do you pitch a story to the media?

Here are a few unbreakable laws: Decide on an objective. Check out the author’s earlier writing. Don’t pitch your business; pitch a tale. Be considerate of the reporter’s right to decide. Get right to the point when you chat with the reporter. Regarding your desire for the meeting or interview, be sincere and open.

Who is Heman motherboard?

Motherboard is revealed to be a technologically advanced living organism that nano-infects Skeletor to turn him into one of its henchmen. It has a red-saturated emblem on it. The Horde, an interplanetary kingdom linked to She-Ra, He-female Man’s counterpart, is the intended recipient.

What is Motherboard news?

A website and YouTube channel devoted to technology, science, and people is called Motherboard. Motherboard, a VICE publication that debuted in 2009, uncovers the people and things shaping our bizarre present and fantastic future via news, commentary, in-depth reporting, pictures, and original video films.

Does VICE News still exist?

Vice News Tonight is an American news show that debuted on HBO in October 2016 as the channel’s first-ever daily series before moving to Vice on TV. After three seasons on HBO, the show was canceled in September 2019. 2020 saw a comeback of the show on the Vice on TV network.

Why did VICELAND stop broadcasting?

The channel was going through “an evolution, not a revolution,” Vice Media president of global news and entertainment Jesse Angelo said in December as the network continued its shift away from lifestyle and entertainment programs and toward news material.

How many employees does Vice media have?

Company Expansion (employees) personnel (approx) (May 2020) 2,721 (-5 percent ) Jobs Available81Site Visits (Feb 2022) 27.2 m Revenue (Y, 2019) $600 B grade for cyber security More


Vice News is a news channel that has been around for quite some time. You can contact Vice News by phone or emailing them.

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