How Social Media Has Changed How We Consume News?

Similarly, How has social media changed the way we see the news?

News Flash: Social media has altered how we consume news. Online news is increasingly coming through social media. Nearly 64.5 percent of the more than 2.4 billion internet users were aware of a breaking news alert through social media as compared to conventional media.

Also, it is asked, How does social media help the spread of news?

More quickly than any other medium, social networking websites disseminate information. Social media accounts for more than 50% of how individuals hear about breaking news. 52 percent of conventional media reporters and editors use Twitter for story research, compared to 65 percent who use Facebook and LinkedIn.


Social media has changed how we consume news. In the past, people would only be able to read newspapers or watch the news on television. Nowadays, social media is used for just about everything. People can now get their news from social media and it is changing how they consume news.

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