How Old Is Kim Christiansen 9 News?

Similarly, Where did Kim Christiansen go to college?

Boulder’s University of Colorado

Also, it is asked, Where did Kim Christiansen go to high school?

Vanderhoof Elementary, Drake Junior High, Arvada West High, and the University of Colorado at Boulder were all attended by Kim and Keri. Kim has spent her whole career with 9News, beginning as an intern and currently hosting the 4 p.m. news.

Secondly, Who left 9NEWS recently?

Liz Kotalik, a reporter for 9News, talks about leaving Denver television | Westword.

Also, Where is Adele Arakawa now?

In July 1977, Arakawa married her husband, Barry Tiller. She has resided in Tucson, Arizona, since retirement.


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Kim Christiansen is a Norwegian television journalist and news presenter. She has been working at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation since 1999, where she currently anchors the main evening news on weekdays. Reference: kim christiansen wikipedia.

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