A Good News?

Similarly, Is it correct to say a good news?

You can’t say’some good news.’ Even if you use an adjective, you should not use ‘a’ or’an’ if the noun is uncountable. You can’t say, for example, “a pure water.” Some words, such as ‘time,’ may be countable or uncountable.

Also, it is asked, Is a good news meaning?

noun Informal. someone or something that is uplifting, encouraging, or appealing in some way.

Secondly, What a good news or such a good news?

A phrase is “such fantastic news.” “What wonderful news!” exclaims the speaker. “Such wonderful news!” is an exclamation that means “That is such good news!” You might also say “Where did you hear such fantastic news?” or “You always have such good news.”

Also, How do you write a good news message?

This is how good-news letters are written: Let’s begin with the positive news. Summarize the message’s essential elements. Give specifics and any relevant background information. Any unfavorable aspects should be presented as favorably as possible. Finish on a high note.

People also ask, How do you announce a good news in an email?

Include them in phrases like “I am/We are delighted to tell you.” “I’m delighted to inform you.” “That will make you happy/delighted.”

Related Questions and Answers

What are different ways to say great?

Other Words for GREATAwesome Amazing. Arresting. Astonishing. Awesome. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Brilliant.

What is terrific news?

That’s fantastic news. That’s fantastic news. precise ( 2 ) Burrows contacted Equity, the firm that litigated her case, while flying from Heathrow to Hollywood, saying, “That is excellent news.” 1.

How do you tell someone good news?

Professional That’s fantastic! Congratulations! That makes me (very) happy! Wonderful! Thank you for providing this information. I/we am delighted for you. Congratulations. That’s fantastic news.

How do you announce good news to a friend?

8 More Effective Ways to Break Good News to a Loved One Use the internet. Make a present out of the news. 3. Send the Information. Give a present. Organize an event. Announcement through video. Make a sweet treat. Have a face-to-face conversation.

How do you announce good news at work?

Directness, honesty, and empathy are essential. Allow your staff the time they need to comprehend the news and ask questions by providing all relevant details. If they have questions that you can’t answer, promise them that you’ll do all you can to get answers as soon as possible.

How do you announce something?

How to Write a Public Service Announcement: Make your announcement clear and concise. When you have good news to share, write a concise, courteous statement that is to the point. In your announcement, acknowledge what others have accomplished and encourage your reader to pursue similar ambitions.

How do you start a good news letter?

Using the recipient’s name is one of the most frequent methods to customize a subject line. A time-sensitive subject line is another attractive method to boost newsletter openings. Make an effort to generate a feeling of urgency. Your newsletter contains important information that should be read right now.

How do you say great professionally?

EXCELLENT! That’s the greatest I’ve ever seen. You’ve got it down to a science. PERFECT!

How do you say awesome?

There are 50 different ways to express “you’re amazing.” You dazzle me. You’re a master. Your cunning is incredible. You’re a glorious glitterbomb. Your brilliance would be terrifying if it wasn’t so darn reliable. Mama, you’re a gem. Science has completely blinded me! You’ve just restored my faith in mankind.

Why do we share good news?

Interestingly, individuals may obtain extra advantages beyond the joyous event itself just by sharing their good news with others. Sharing good news with others has been linked to feelings of happiness and fulfillment in life, as well as increased self-esteem and decreased loneliness.

How can you be a bearer of good news to others?

Be the Bearer of Good News, #1: How to Be Great at Relating DOUBLE-CHECK THE GOOD NEWS. DO NOT put the news or the individual down. DON’T be too hard on yourself if you have a mixed response. DON’T say anything you don’t intend to say. DO NOT attempt to hide unfavorable responses.

What is a example of announcement?

The business was shutting in ten minutes, according to a loudspeaker announcement. The merger was announced by the company’s president. He requested that us pay attention since he had something important to say. In the newspaper, I noticed their wedding announcement.

How do you write an announcement example?

Greetings, [name], We’re thrilled to report that, as a result of our phenomenal success over the previous [number of years], we’re expanding! We’re really opening a new shop in [insert location and details]. On [insert date], we welcome you to join us in celebrating the grand opening.

How do you write a public announcement?

To make a public service announcement, follow these steps: Choose a subject for your essay. Conduct extensive research. Recognize your target market. Consider how you can keep your audience’s interest. Make a public service announcement script. For your script, make a storyboard. Make a public service announcement on film. Examine the efficiency of your PSA.

What are 5 elements of an effective newsletter?

5 Crucial Elements of a Successful Newsletter Brevity. We’re already overwhelmed with information, so sending out another long message won’t assist anybody. Storytelling. Traditional story-telling strategies are used in the greatest newsletters. Readers’ Attention Do not keep a journal. Action Is Required. Let’s be honest about this. Design

How do you write a news story?

What to Include in a News Story Pick a current, notable event or subject to write about. Conduct in-person interviews with witnesses as soon as possible. Identify the “Four Big Ws” Create your artwork. Use quote marks. Look for more statistics and facts. Before publishing, read your essay aloud.

What’s another way to say that’s great?

Brilliant!” “That’s incredible!” “Bravo!” “Amazing!”.

How do you say well done?

well-done faultless,finished,flawless,meticulous,perfect,perfected,polished.

How do you say work well?

helpful for doing or accomplishing anything – thesaurususeful. adjective. useful for doing or attaining something. operational. adjective. worthy. adjective. high-powered. adjective. efficient. adjective. effective. adjective. valuable. adjective. useful. adjective.

What to say when you’re impressed?

Other Expressions That Show You’re Impressed Wow, that’s amazing! Isn’t it incredible? How did you do it? That’s incredible! Nice! (though it’s just one word) You look like a million dollars! (especially in terms of physical appearance)

How do you say something is good?

Making positive statements. – Fundamental It’s fantastic. It’s incredible. It’s fantastic. It is superior than the norm. It isn’t awful. It’s something I’d suggest. I’m rather taken aback. It’s much amazing than I anticipated.

What can I say instead of cool in text?

There are 41 different ways to say “awesome.” Astonishing. Bewitching. Brilliant. Captivating. Charming. Copacetic. Delightful. Dashing.

What is good news in journalism?

So there are facts, faces, and voices in a good news article. It should, in my opinion, be really instructive so that people may learn and receive extremely helpful knowledge. It should also be neutral and objective in order for people to believe the news.

How do you share good news with the team?

How to Inform Employees of Important News Give it to them like it is. Make a loop of continuous information sharing. It should be shared on your company’s Slack channel. Inform your employees in person. Work your way to the top. Schedule a video conference with all hands. Give reasons for using the traction method.


I received a good news. It is not what I was expecting, but it is still good.

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